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There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a heated battle only to realize that your gel balls are nowhere near ready. You've been soaking them for hours, and they're still as hard as rocks. What should you do?

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to know when your gel balls are finally ready to use. One of the ways is to take one out and give it a squeeze. If it squeezes easily and feels slightly damp, then it's good to go. If it's still as hard as a rock, then you'll need to give it a few more hours. Once the gel balls have had a chance to expand, it's time to test them out! Start by dropping one of the balls from a height of about two feet. If the ball bounces back up, it's ready to play with. If it doesn't bounce, or if it breaks apart, it needs to soak for longer.

But, there are other ways you can check your gellets to determine if they’re battle-ready. Keep reading if you want to learn more - including tips and tricks to get the most out of your gel balls and have a blast during the skirmish!

How to Prepare Gel Balls for Battle

Gel blasters are a fun and unique way to play with friends, but how do you know when the gel balls are ready? Before we can answer that question, we need to explain how to prepare gel balls in the first place. 

Gel blasters—also known as hydro blasters, water bead blasters, or gel blasts — have similarities with airsoft and paintball markers when it comes to design. Gel balls are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, super absorbent polymer water beads—also known as sodium polyacrylate. These are water-absorbing polymers that can soak and maintain big portions of water compared to their size. 

Gel balls are the perfect way to wage a safe, friendly battle with your friends. But how do you get them ready for battle? Here's a quick guide to help you prepare your gel balls for maximum carnage:

  1. Collect your gel balls from their storage container and place them in a bowl.
  2. Fill the bowl with water and let the gel balls soak for about 4 hours.
  3. After a few hours, remove the gel balls from the water and discard any that have not swollen up. These gel balls are no longer fit for combat and should be retired from service.
  4. Congratulations! Your gel balls are now ready for battle. May the best fighter win!

Remember that it’s important for the gel balls to sit for at least 4 hours so that they can fully absorb the water and expand. But, does it really make a difference how long you soak the gel balls? Of course, the answer is a resounding yes. Once they have swollen to their maximum capacity, drain off any excess water and store the gel balls in a cool, dry place. When you're ready to use them, simply load them into your weapon of choice and let the fighting begin! 

Once the gel balls have had a chance to expand, it's time to test them out! Start by dropping one of the balls from a height of about two feet. If the ball bounces back up, it's ready to play with. If it doesn't bounce, or if it breaks apart, it needs to soak for longer.

How to Know When Gel Balls are Ready for Battle

Wondering how to know when gel balls are ready for battle? There's nothing quite like the thrill of battle... Except, of course, winning that battle! But how can you be sure your gel balls are ready for action? Here are a few tips to help you tell when they're ready to fight:

  1. Look for firmness. Gel balls should be firm to the touch, but not too hard. If they're too soft, they won't have enough power to do much damage. If they're too hard, they could break on impact and lose their usefulness entirely.
  1. Check the color. Gel balls should be a pale green color when they're perfectly ripe for battle. If they're still white, they're not quite ready yet. If they've started to turn yellow or brown, then they're past their prime and won't pack as much of a punch.
  1. Bounce them off a hard surface. This is the best way to gauge how much power your gel balls have. If they bounce back with enough force to sting, then they're good to go. However, if they just fall flat or disintegrate on impact, then it's time to find some new ones.

With these tips in mind, you'll be able to tell when your gel balls are ready for the battle!

Tips for Getting Your Gel Balls Just How You Like Them

Getting your gel balls just how you like them can be a tricky business. If they're too soft, they won't have the desired effect when you hit your target. Too hard, and they'll hurt more than they should. Once you've got the perfect consistency, it's time to think about the quality. Just remember: the more high-quality the gel ball, the easier it is to hit your target!

Finally, don't forget to have fun! Whatever size or hardness you choose, make sure you enjoy yourself. After all, that's what gel blasting is all about.

Only Use the Highest-Quality Gel Balls Possible

Anyone who has made gel balls knows that the process is delicate and precise. You have to make sure the soaking time is just right, or else the balls will be either too hard or too soft. And once they're done, you have to store them in the perfect environment, or they'll start to degrade. 

That's why, when it comes time to buy gel balls, you should only use the highest-quality ones possible. Otherwise, you'll just be wasting your time (and money). So how can you tell if a gel ball is of high quality? Here are a few things to look for:

- The balls should be uniform in size and shape. If they're not, then it's likely that the manufacturing process wasn't up to par.

- The balls should be smooth, with no bumps or ridges. Again, this is a sign of poor manufacturing.

- The color should be consistent throughout. If there are any darker areas or streaks, it means the balls aren't pure.

Our gel balls are the best because we only use the highest quality ingredients. This means that you can be sure that they won't melt in your hand or break apart too easily. Get the best gel balls today at Gel Blaster.

Final Thoughts on How to Know When Gel Balls are Ready

Before you can use your gel blaster in battle, you need to know how to prepare gel balls properly. The first step is to soak the gel balls in water for at least four hours. This will allow them to reach their full size. Once they have swollen to their maximum capacity, drain off any excess water and store the gel balls in a cool, dry place. Read our guide on How To Store Gel Balls Correctly to learn more about tips for storage that will affect the resilience & performance of your gel balls.

As any seasoned warrior knows, the key to victory is knowing when your gel balls are ready for battle. Here are a few simple ways you can deem your gellets ready to load up in the hopper:

- They're no longer squishy: If your gel balls have lost their squishiness, it's time to start thinking about combat. Hardened gel balls are less likely to be damaged in battle, and they pack a meaner punch.

- They've changed color: Most gel balls start out clear, but as they harden they often take on a white or opaque appearance. This change in color is an indicator that they're getting ready for battle.

- They're making noise: Gel balls that make noise when you squeeze them or toss them around are usually ready for action. The noise is caused by the gel balls colliding with each other and bouncing off each other, which is how they'll behave in battle. So if you want to be sure your gel balls are ready, just give them a good shake and see how they sound.

By following these simple tips, you'll be sure to have the perfect gel balls for your next battle. If you’re looking for the most sophisticated, fun gelblaster online, treat yourself or your family to our water pelletblaster today!

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