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April 12, 2022 4 min read

Want to learn how to store gel balls correctly? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to teach you how to store gel blaster balls to ensure they last in storage, and to ensure you have safe fun with them when the time to use them comes. It’s really just a matter of keeping them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. We’ll go more in-depth later on.

When you order gel balls online, they will come in the form of tiny spheres. To prepare them for play, you have to soak your gel balls in water for a few hours until they reach their maximum size. Afterward, they will be ready to load in your gel blaster.

But what if you don’t use up all your gel balls in one game? Luckily, you can store gel balls forup to 6 to 12 months, depending on the brand. However, you have to know how to store gel balls properly so that they will still be good to play with for the next game, and this is what we’ll be talking about today.

Why Does It Matter How You Store Gel Balls?

First things first,what are gel blasters?

Gel blasters are like water guns on steroids. They use rechargeable batteries to shoot projectiles known as gel balls and are great alternatives to regular toy guns. They are much safer than your average paintball or BB gun, which is why they are completely legal in most countries. 

What makes gel blasters so special is that they use a unique type of ammo that bursts upon impact, much like paintball guns. But unlike paintballs, gel blaster ammo leaves no residue on the skin, clothes, and the environment whatsoever. Why? Becausewhat gel blaster balls are made of are super-absorbent polymers that primarily contain water, and therefore only leave water residue that will evaporate completely. Now - why does it matter how you store gel balls?

Knowing how to store gel blaster balls is necessary in order to maintain their correct consistency. If your gel balls are not stored properly, they may warp out of shape; become difficult to load, or be entirely useless. Worse, improperly stored gel balls can damage your gel blaster, which would be an even bigger waste of money.

How To Store Gel Balls The Right Way

Your gel balls can last up to 6 to 12 months when stored correctly. Here is the right way to store your gel balls:

Put Your Gel Balls in an Airtight Container

A bucket with a lid, a large plastic food container, or a sealed storage tub will work just fine. Place your unused gel balls in this container with enough distilled water to cover all of the balls. Using distilled water will ensure that your gel balls don’t absorb the chemicals in hard water (which may be present in tap water), which can change their consistency.

Also, make sure that your container is clean before adding your gel balls. Impurities can also affect the structure of your gel balls.

Keep The Container In a Cool, Dry Place

You can store your gel balls either inside or outside of the refrigerator. Storing your gel balls in the refrigerator is the best way to maintain their correct consistency. But if you don’t have room in the fridge, find a cool, dry place in your house instead, like the garage. It is vital that your gel balls stay away from heat sources and direct sunlight since excessive heat can also change their consistency.

In the winter, move your gel bell container to a place where the balls will not freeze.

Other Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Gel Balls

Aside from knowing how to store gel blaster balls the right way, here are some other important tips to help you get the most out of each and every water sphere:

Learn How To Prepare Your Gel Balls

Growing gel balls is very easy. Simply soak your gel pellets in clean water (preferably distilled) and wait for them to grow to their maximum size. In most cases, gel balls reach their maximum absorbing limit after 4 to 5 hours. But for best results, we recommend soaking your gel balls overnight. 

After you soak your gel balls, use a strainer or sieve to remove excess water before playing. 

Be Sure To Buy Certified Gel Blaster Balls

You may find gel blaster balls that are way cheaper than the legitimate ones, but we highly advise against them. Fake or poorly-made gel blaster balls may not have the correct consistency as real gel balls, and this can damage your gel blaster. 

More than that, uncertified gel blaster balls are simply not that fun to play with. So, if you want to get the real gel blaster experience, buy only certified gel blaster balls from legitimate companies.

Do Not Harden Your Gel Balls

Some people think that freezing their gel balls will make them harder, but what this does is make gel balls brittle. And if your gel balls are brittle, they can breakbeforethey hit your target, which is basically just a waste of gel balls.

Using hardening agents is also not recommended. Hardening agents can make your gel balls warp, which leads them to be difficult to load and easily breakable.

If you want your gel balls to pack more sting, find a special type of gel blaster ammo that is harder than regular gel balls instead of attempting to harden them on your own.

Final Thoughts On How To Store Gel Blaster Balls

The best way to store gel blaster balls is to submerge them in clean water inside an airtight container, then leave them in a cool, dry place. We recommend storing your gel balls in the refrigerator as this is the best way to maintain their consistency. But if this is not feasible, storing your gel balls in the garage or a cool closet will work just fine.

Knowing how to store your gel balls properly will keep them in the perfect shape for play. More importantly, buying only legitimateGel Balls will help you make the most out of your gel blaster. 

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