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July 14, 2022 8 min read

A lot of families have come to love sports and other activities that allow every family member to join. It’s a way for the whole brood to bond. Among these activities is competitive water gun shooting. Water gun fights, for a while now, has been a summertime favorite among families and friends alike. 

Lately, however, there’s been a decline in its popularity. Families still enjoy playing outdoor games, but a lot of parents can’t help but wonder, are there better alternatives to this formerly beloved game?

Read and find out about the best water gun alternatives of 2022.

What Are Water Shooters?

Water shooter are mostly made of plastic materials. Different models and brands may vary in design but the main technology behind today’s modern water shooters is this: a gun-shaped toy that shoots out water from a tubing attached to it. 

The demographic for water shooters includes children and tweens, or the kids at heart who enjoy getting good cardio along with getting shot by tiny bursts of water. These have long been a great choice for those who want to keep cool in the summer while having some backyard fun with friends.

However, it might be worth mentioning that those multi-colored, water-bearing plastic toy guns that have served as the highlight of many children and tween’s summer vacation didn’t always look the way they do now. The internet can’t seem to show us what the first water shooter looked like because the first-ever documented “squirt gun” was not officially patented until the late 1800s but, we have the “USA Liquid Pistol” as a possible close resemblance of what the first ever squirt shooter was. 

Back in the day, they were made of cast iron and had a tubing that was attached to a squeeze ball similar to those found in today’s eye drops. After decades of changes, mergers, and development in technology, the water gun that was then marketed as an early version of “pepper spray” that, according to a 1905 ad, could throw a fine stream from 10-20 feet away and will “stop the most vicious dog or man without permanent injury”, has now evolved into the modern toys for young children that we know them to be. 

Are There Water Weapon Alternatives Out There?

With the level of technology we now have, we can find an alternative to most everything. Water shooter included. In this article, we are prepared to share with you what we deem as the best water shooter alternative. 

At the same time, we’re going to share with you other water shooter weapon alternatives we know about. But first, let us tell you why we think there is a need to search for or come up with an alternative in the first place. 

Why People Are Looking For Water Gun Alternatives

As popular and beloved as they may be by many young kids (and kids at heart!), water shooters have, over the years, presented quite a dilemma to a lot of parents. In addition to parents worrying, even the young people who play with them have grown in their taste for toy weaponry. 

Some days, their good ‘ol water shooter just doesn’t give them that much fun anymore. So what really are the problems with water shooters? Check out what we have found out!

Constantly Have To Refill Water - Some, After Every Shot!

Even the best, the largest, and most expensive water gun models will run out of water at some point. Imagine, your kids are in the middle of a really exciting game with their pals, and one of them has his/her weapon run out of water. That kid will have to retreat or fill up his/her water ammo in the middle of a crossfire, whatever that means in their game. Having to constantly fill up your shooter's water barrel will expose you to the enemies’ vantage point. Nobody likes downtime!

In the last few decades, makers of water shooters have actually resorted to larger tubes and other water shooter editions now even come with a backpack where you can store larger volumes of water that’s attached through a tube in your water gun. But this design change also impacts one’s lightness which is also an important factor in the game. 

The lighter you are on your feet, the quicker you can move. And speed either makes or breaks one’s game, especially when it is one involving water blasters. 

Powerful Water Jets Can Cause Eye Damage

Children never think of the dangers of the game. They just like to have fun. Being the innocent young people they are, they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. Like directing a powerful stream of water out of a plastic blaster right into one’s eye from a close range for example. 

Limited To The Pool, Typically

Given that this game requires water, it is mostly played around pools. Or wherever there is a nearby water source. For avid players of the game, a little change of scenery might be good every now and then. For a game as limited as a water blaster fight, this might not be ideal for children with ever-expanding interests. Surely, they will look for something better eventually. 


Water blasters employ certain mechanisms for them to properly function. But then again, players still need to constantly use their hands and fingers to make sure that the water bursts out right. That way, when a member of an opposing team comes into their view, they can actually fight back. 

The trouble is, not only is this exhausting, the constant contact of skin against the water blaster trigger also results in chafing which might only get worse the longer you play. 

Good news: there is a water blaster weapon alternative that won’t cause chafing because it doesn’t require manual work. 

Droughts- best to conserve water

Think about it, the planet is getting warmer, there are droughts everywhere. 

Playing with water does not do any good to the environment. So it is best to resort to games that waste none of our most basic necessities. 

Factors To Keep In Mind When Seeking The Best Water Gun Alternatives

When looking for the best water gun alternative, you must employ criteria that your chosen water blaster weapon alternative checks off entirely. This way, you’ll know it’s the best there is among all available options. Let us share with you our own criteria below!


This far exceeds all the other criteria laid out below. Parents out there will agree. We want our children to have fun with their friends, we want them to come home happy, with a bunch of fascinating new stories to share at the dinner table. But above all, we want them to come home in one piece, and unhurt. 

So when picking out a water gun weapon alternative for your kid, think of this before anything else. 


When we are sure of their safety, we then think of how much fun they’re gonna have. How big their smiles will be, how hearty and infectious the sound of their mingled laughter with their friends will be. Mostly, when it comes to toy, you want to look for the following: powerful shots, larger ammo capacity, wider shooting range. 


It is also not a bad thing to think of the environment. With the state of the environment being what it is these days, you must consider the plastic usage, the toxicity, and the recyclability of the material of the water blaster alternatives you plan on replacing your good old water guns with.  


Last but not the least, consider the price. There are plenty of possible water blaster alternatives you can find in the market or even at home while browsing through one online shop after another. As you decide on the best water blaster alternative for your kid, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Study the features of every product, see if the cost is worth the wonderful offerings of a brand or a model. 

So, What Are The Best Water Blaster Alternatives Of 2022?

At this point you’re probably anxious to discover the best water blaster alternatives out there. So, without any further ado, take a look at the options we listed for you below!

Gel Blaster: The Absolute Best Water Gun Alternative

Once you read up about this product, you’ll find that it checks off every standard we’ve set in the criteria we have laid out for you. Gel Blasters as alternatives to water blasters are not only fun, but they’re also safe and great for the environment. 

Gel Blasters haven’t been around in the toy blaster scene that long but their amazing features will win you over quickly. There’s a reason they’re soared in popularity recently - and after that first battle, you’ll understand! 

Those who worry about a toy being environmentally friendly will love that Gel Blasters spout only gel rounds called Gellets that are 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, super absorbent polymer water beads. 

Those who worry about safety will immediately see that itposes no threat to person or property as its ammunition is basically water beads calledGel balls. The Gel BlasterWater pellet blaster is eco-friendly. Gel balls practicallyburst upon impactand immediately evaporate, leaving no harm to the player, nor the environment.  

In addition to all that, the Gel Blaster is rechargeable. This means that it won’t give its user a lot of chafing as it is already powered. The player doesn’t have to do all the manual work.

Whatever angle you look at, Gel Blaster is the absolute best water blaster alternative!

Water Balloons

Water balloons are cheaper alternatives to water blasters. 

Based on the criteria we have above, water balloons rank poorly. Water balloons are made of plastic and after impact, they immediately become waste with no chance of redemption by being recycled. They also require a lot of water, not to mention all the work with the water filling and tying and the cleaning up after.  

Sure it is a very cheap alternative, but beyond it being cheaper, it has nothing unique to offer. 

Water Balls

There are soft balls that can be soaked with water and act similar to balloons - but they won’t pop on impact. These can be a fun addition to your water blaster party, but they can really hurt when hit in the face - and they’re pretty limiting if you can’t throw well.

Moreover, if you are looking for an alternative, you wantbetter. Water balls require a lot of work, pose physical threats, and are not exactly the most fun as the range depends on the reach of players’ arms. 

Good Old Garden Hose

This perhaps is the simplest alternative there is. But it limits the fun to only a few people, maybe two people who each have access to a garden hose. 

This does not really offer that much fun, and it doesn’t also build to any suspense as to who the winner is as both players get soaked all over immediately. 

Most egregious of all, you waste a lot of water. 

Final Thoughts On The Best Water Gun Alternatives Of The Year

Finally, you have reached the end of the article. It really is surprising how much technology has evolved and grown to offer us a variety of options for just about everything. As for the best water gun alternatives, you have been briefed. 

And now you know– for a safe, fun, and eco-friendly alternative to your traditional water blaster, that doesn’t break the bank, you can’t find anything that would give you more value than theGel Blaster.

So get one for your kid and his friends today, and let them have the best summer of their lives! 

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