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what are gel blaster balls made of

If you're a fan of airsoft and paintball, you've probably heard of this new line of toy guns called gel blasters. They are quickly becoming more popular in the world of fun, safe shooting activities.

Similar to airsoft and paintball, gel blasters are played in CQB-style shooting skirmishes and follow an honor-based gameplay umpiring system. This activity can be played in areas similar to paintball fields or even in your own backyard.

Gel blasters—also known as hydro blasters, water bead blasters, or gel guns—are also very similar to airsoft and paintball guns in terms of design. These toy guns can be designed to be as realistic as a real gun or have an out-of-this-world sci-fi look to them.

When it comes to the firing mechanisms, things are a bit different, though. Unlike paintball guns that use compressed air to shoot out paint-filled projectiles, gel blasters often use a battery-powered gearbox to shoot non-toxic gel balls or water beads.

These gel balls or water beads are what make gel blasters stand out. They're also the reason why people are becoming more interested in gel blasters than any other toy guns on the market.

But what are these gel blaster balls made of? And what makes them so different from the projectiles used in other toy guns? In this article, you'll find everything there is to know about gel balls, from how they're made to where you can find the best gel ball brand.

How Are Gel Balls Made?

Gel balls are made from 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, super absorbent polymer water beads—also known as sodium polyacrylate. These are water-absorbing polymers that can absorb and retain huge amounts of water relative to their size.

There are several kinds of gel ball types. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb water 100 to 1000 times its size and is usually the type used for gel blasters.

If you liked to play with orbeez as a kid, a gel ball will seem pretty familiar. You'll find that these gel ball water beads are very similar to orbeez. And if your parents garden, you might've seen a few plant vases filled with similar looking gel balls.

How Does A Gell Ball Work?

When you first get your pack of gel ball water beads, they come as tiny dry pellets almost as small as a seed. You have to submerge them in a bucket of water for at least four hours for them to grow into their full form.

Some brands may even recommend hydrating the gel balls overnight. If you're worried about over-hydrating your gel balls, don't worry. It's impossible to oversaturate a gell ball with water. They just uptake the amount they need and then stop.

How Long Can I Store My Gell Balls After Hydrating It?

You can store hydrated gel ball water beads in an airtight container for as long as two weeks. If you keep them fully submerged in water, you can store them for as long as three months before loading them up into your gel blasters.

It's best to keep your gel balls dehydrated if you don't plan on using them right away since dehydrated pellets can be stored indefinitely.

Are Gel Blaster Balls Environmentally Friendly?

Yes! This is exactly why people love gel blasters. Unlike paintballs and airsoft pellets that aren't very environmentally friendly, gel blaster water pellets are non-toxic and biodegradable.

When gel balls hit a target, they burst on impact and evaporate in seconds. This makes gel blasters safe for the environment and your pets. Plus they leave no stains or mess like paintball guns and airsofts do. As such, these have come to be known as the top airsoft alternative, as well as an alternative to paintball.

With gel blasters, you don't have to worry about polluting the ground with pellets that your pets or wild animals might eat. You also don't have to worry about leaving stains all over your clothes and backyard. Playing with gel blasters makes the experience completely mess-free and safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

Why Gel Blaster Gellets Are The Best Gel Balls Online

You can find tons of gel ball brands online, but if you're looking for the best, Gel Blaster's patented Gellets are the go-to choice.

We sell the highest quality gel balls at the most affordable price you can find online. Our Gellets come in several colors: purple, yellow, teal, orange, blue, black, and green. The best part is you can match the color of your Gellets to the color of your Gel Blaster Surge's interchangeable fins and tips.

What's a Gel Blaster Surge, you ask? It's only the most revolutionary gel blaster model that's taking the shooting world by storm. The Gel Blaster Surge not only comes with fully customizable fins and tips, but it's also fully rechargeable, so you can say goodbye to CO2 and batteries that are harmful to the environment.

But just because it doesn't rely on expanding gas doesn't mean that it's weak. The Gel Blaster Surge can shoot as far as 100 feet. You even get to adjust the velocity from as low as 90 FPS to as high as 170 FPS. We know this doesn't sound as powerful as paintball guns that can shoot up to 300 FPS.

But remember, gel balls are much lighter than paintballs. This also means that they require less velocity. Just because paintball guns need a higher velocity doesn't mean they're more powerful than gel blasters.

The Gel Blaster Surge even comes with three blaster modes: single, tri-burst, and full-automatic. Switch between these three modes and find which of the three best suits your play style.

Curious to see how powerful gel blasters can be? Get your very own Gel Blaster Surge today and experience shooting games like you never did before!

Make it even more fun and battle it out with your friends. You can use the Gel Blaster Surge, indoors, outdoors—anywhere you like. It's guaranteed to be mess-free, eco-friendly, and tons of fun!

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